Dive Master

Your first professional step in the incredible world of diving, is the Dive Master and if it is in Koh Tao much better.

The Dive Master course at Pura Vida Pro, on the island of Koh Tao, lasts for 7 weeks with three different sections:


Diving Theory: You will learn all about recreational diving, we prepare you to increase your knowledge and for this we impart academic sessions, of each section of the digital manual and a final exam.


Practices in the water: We make several circuits of exercises so that you can achieve the mastery of a professional, so you can facilitate learning to anyone who wants to enter the underwater world. We also prepare you for the aquaticity and physical training of the course.


Course attendance: At your Dive Master in Koh Tao, you will accompany our Instructors as an Assistant in the Open Water, Advanced, First Aid and Rescue courses, in this way you will prepare for your next professional step, Assistant Instructor. You will also accompany our Dive Masters, leading recreational dives and Scuba Update courses. Attending real courses is the way to get real experience, so you will be better prepared for your future.


Navigation and Oceanography: Dives and more dives with your companions guiding in Koh Tao diving spots, discovering the seabed and you will be given security and comfort under water, control and control of the compass with the help of natural orientation.

Dive Master Two Destinations

The structure of the Dive Master Two Destinations course is developed between the schools of Koh Tao, Koh Lipe and Koh Phi Phi.


Once chosen the two desired destinations, the course is structured in a daily departure usually two dives. Then there is the theory of the course that we distribute, there are no classes every day, so you have free time also to enjoy the island. We will also have the weekly meeting and group discussion on Mondays, exams, activities and physical tests that you will have to overcome during the course.



You will have to become an assistant in recreational courses, at least in two Open Water courses and one Advanced course. Although according to the volume of courses that you have and above all your predisposition, you will end up being many more Open Waters, Advanced, Rescue courses, assistances to Baptisms, etc.



The course does not have fixed start dates, that is, you can start it any day of the year without problems and decide which diving center you want to start, once the first 4 weeks are finished, you will change to the next dive center where you will finish your training . We join groups by levels depending on the tests carried out. We also tell you that this program, we must add social activities such as the famous weekly asaditos, film and documentary sessions, talks and events that we are organizing on ecology, environment, cleanings of beaches and funds, etc.

More details

There is an established course organization, but with the luck of having the greatest flexibility, I only told you a little bit more about what you will do in the course, also think that, in the case of having free places in any of the Pura boats Life, outside of the course schedule, you could sign up to dive in the afternoon and even at night dives. The average number of dives per student DMT in Pura Vida is 100/110 dives divided into 8 weeks and the course is aimed at becoming a diving professional, not just fun.


Of course, we do not come to work but to study, since, in other schools, the Dive Master is seen as a workforce, or the one that will carry the equipment and tanks, clean the robes, etc. We are totally against these practices. We distinguish ourselves for being a school dedicated to 100% in professional training at the highest level.

If you reach a good level during the course, there are students who leave here, even with real internships at the Pura Vida Diving center. Feeling for the first time, the feeling of being a real leader with real divers. Running a Fun Dive or a Refresh program. We'll tell you more once you're here.