SSI Crossover Course

Double or nothing!

Why stay with a company when with SSI you can expand your opportunities. SSI has expanded to 30 International Offices, with businesses in 110 countries, represented by more than 2,800 Dive Centers and Resorts and has training materials in more than 30 languages. Contact us for more information about Crossover SSI with the professional department of Pura Vida Pro and dive in Koh Tao.



In the SSI Crossover Course, we offer you a 3 or 4 day course, where we will present the philosophy of SSI. Your Total Teaching System by applying your Flexibility when working, we will also do confined water sessions where we will practice new and improved exercises for recreational diving. We will adapt the SSI crossover to your level of experience to meet your needs. Along with the theoretical classes and the academic presentations directed by professionals awarded by SSI, number one trainers.



All done in the world number 1 center in training in Spanish. Located on the island of Koh Tao (Thailand) you can dive with one of the best teams of professionals of SSI, with long experience in diving. Possibilities of work placements and options in three continents, 4 countries, thanks to the network of Pura Vida centers spread throughout the world.


Do not hesitate to expand your work options and become the Crossover!