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Professional Diving School

The professional department of Pura Vida Diving is the number one in the world for SSI in the training of professionals in our language, diving in Spanish. Awarded year after year for its high levels of quality, education and compliance with standards. Teaching Dive Master courses and Diving Instructors. And why are we number one? Because what we do we do with passion, we do what we like and we are fortunate to be able to transmit it. Our passion, to teach and train the best professionals. Everything on the island of Koh Tao (Thailand)

Recreational Diving Instructor Course

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Who are We

After 14 years of learning and teaching, our philosophy has not changed: passion for the sea, passion for you, passion for teaching and passion to help you discover this incredible paradise called Koh Tao. All this to offer you the best quality in our courses and to live the best experience of your life.

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The Pura Vida Pro team consists of three Trainer Instructors in charge of the professional department, to achieve the best quality result in the training, koh tao diving.